Takeaways from #CJC16

What did visitors consider most interesting? Here’s a round-up of the what has been published about #CJC16, the first international conference on constructive journalism.

The dutch press innovation fund (Stimuleringsfonds voor de Journalistiek) shed a light on the most important questions asked: how far do you want to go, as a journalist? Do you need to aim for impact? Do readers notice the difference? It is a compact story on the most frequent asked questions.

The World News Publishing Focus starts with a statement: “While still an emerging approach, it has caught on in newsrooms around the world. Examples of constructive stories are The Economist’s article on managing the migrant crisis, Vox’ coverage of Cuba’s lung cancer vaccine and The Guardian’s “Keep it in the ground”-campaign

The article will give you a few very handy lessons-learned that the author took away from the conference. Starting with the very helpful question that can be asked with any story: Now what?

Doug Wilks of Deseret News takes a more personal perspective. His major take away: “A newspaper must stay connected to its community in as many ways as possible. And a story should start with the people affected by it, rather than those perhaps making the decisions that will affect those people.”

And if you haven’t seen enough of Alan Rusbridger, take a look at this beautiful profile, written by Ykje Vriesinga of the dutch national daily NRC. Her article centres on Rusbridger’s climate project with The Guardian.


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